How to make your roommates happy with a big dessert

– How to turn Trader Joe’s ‘Blondies’ into a big ice cream sundae
– “This is like, even better than a (BJ’s) pizookie,” business administration sophomore Amy Wright said.
– I added ice cream, reese’s, chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce. It turned out beautifully.

Dear bloggies,

One day I went to the market and decided it was time to add dessert to the list of groceries. I was feeling creative so I bought stuff to make my own dessert instead of the pre-made packaged business.

At around 9 p.m. that night, I was feeling bored and knew it was time to whip out my new “Blondie Bar Baking Mix.” I wanted to do something nice for my roommates, and I knew the blondies would be a hit.

Things started heating up around 9:30 p.m. The oven had finished preheating, the blondie mix was properly mixed, and the porcelain dish was clean and ready.

Just thinking about the warm, gooey brownies that were about to enter my life made me pretty excited, but not excited enough. The thing with me is, when I start a fun little project, it always turns into a fun big project.

I needed ice cream. How could I serve these blondies (I didn’t even know what blondie meant) without something cool and refreshing to go with? The more (sugar) the merrier, right?

So I made a trip to Albertson’s. Straight to the ice cream isle. Then to the caramel sauce. Then to the reese’s. Then to the sprinkles.

Fine, that’s enough, I thought. I could not wait to get home and put my masterpiece together.

When I came home I made it very clear to my roommates that they were not allowed to touch my blondies (that turned out to be identical to brownies…  very deceiving on Trader Joe’s part… but delicious nonetheless, so I won’t complain) until I finished my masterpiece.

The blondie brownies had finished cooling. I turned their carrier dish upside down and a perfect square of chocolate goodness plopped out onto my pretty plate (Sidenote- my mom said I’d never use such a nice dish but I knew I would).

I added ice cream, reese’s, chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce. It turned out beautifully.

I took a ton of pictures to show off my newfound expertise in the homemade dessert department (then I instagrammed it… duh).

And finally I granted a plot of the brownie sugar heaven to each roommate.

I knew from the first bite that I had found love in the art of baking. The rest is history.

Actually… the rest is in my tummy, but I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.



Don’t fool yourself. I know you want photo evidence and a detailed recipe:

Happy baking!

Trader Joe’s “blondie” brownie mix. The best.

Mix the “bloindie mix” in an oven-safe dish with w 1arge egg and a 4 oz. stick of melted butter.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Leave in the oven for 28-32 minutes.

Remove brownie from pan and place on a cooling rack or porcelain dish.

Scoop a couple scoops of your favorite ice cream onto the middle of the brownie.

Slice Reese’s peanut butter cups into eight pieces and place around the edges of the ice cream.

Add some chocolate sprinkles and drizzle on some caramel sauce.

Be careful not to let too much caramel plop out onto your masterpiece.

Whallah! The dessert dish is done and ready to eat.


“This is like, even better than a (BJ’s) pizookie,” business administration sophomore Amy Wright said.

“Oh my god,” journalism sophomore Sam Gilbert said. “It’s literally beautiful. I’m gonna start crying.”

“This is about to be inhaled,” kinesiology sophomore Victoria Wolfe said. “I hope you aren’t planning on saving any part of this.”


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