Red, white and brownies

Dear bloggies,

I hope everyone is having a fantastic last week of November and getting their holiday preparations together. It is really important to share care and good times with the people you love most. People like to buy presents for each other during the holiday season, but we all know that can get expensive. As far as I’m concerned, no college budget is free flowin’ enough to support a bunch of gifts for family and friends… it just adds up so quickly. I have realized over the years that it is sometimes hard to find the perfect gifts for people I really care about, especially my parents. I mean, they just never want anything. It’s as if they are too giving and kind and generous to my brothers and I to think for themselves. So I typically resort to making something, be it a card or a picture or painting or piece of jewelry. Making things for people is particularly special because it takes time and effort to showing love. Since I have been on this wild cooking and baking kick lately, I have decided to bake treats for the people I love dearly before I go home for winter break. I still haven’t decided what to do for my family members, but this will do for my friends.

So what am I going to bake? It seems like I’ve tried every item in the book. I turned to Pinterest to answer this pressing question. These are some of the cutest foodie things I found.

Reindeer bottles

Brownie santa hats

Snowman cookie balls

The brownie santa hats looked easiest and most appealing, so I decided to make those. I went to the store and bought brownie mix, frosting, and strawberries (at New Frontiers this time… I know, shocking).

I cut the stems off of a couple strawberries and made the brownies. The brownie mix came with chocolate chips already mixed in. So I was super excited.
Then I made frosting. Directions called for putting the mix in a bowl with a little bit of cream cheese and a little bit of milk. That’s it. I put it in the freezer to harden.

This is when things got interesting. Upon taking the (VERY MUSHY) browny pan out of the oven, I noticed it was jiggling much more than the average batch. I put it in for five more minutes, and then eight MORE minutes, but it still wouldn’t stop jiggling. It seemed as though the middle was refusing to cook to a hardened state. I even tried leaving it out to dry for ten minutes and putting it in the freezer, but it just wouldn’t cut nicely. Every time I tried to slice a nice square it would fall and mush all out the sides. One time I tried putting the frosting on top and sticking a strawberry to it, but it toppled over instantly. Sad.

Something had to change. My plan was not working, which disappointed me (the perfectionist), but it was a nice learning lesson that taught me not to buy those brownies anymore (should’ve stuck to Trader’s).

I decided to make a big lump of brownie with frosting and strawberries instead. Since that seemed a bit too typical and plain, I sliced the berries nicely just to make it look pretty.
It turned out to be aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty. I shared it with the friends I love, all who were very pleased as well.

Then came the really fun part: cleaning! I actually don’t mind cleaning that much because cooking for one person n a small kitchen can’t create too much damage as it is. The kitchen looked spotless in ten minutes. I’m telling you people, baking is a great idea for holiday gifts. Who doesn’t like surprise fresh sugary goodies?! I’d sure be happy to receive such a gift.

Next time you find yourself contemplating how to show love to someone dear to your heart, consider baking them something sweet and make their day.

Happy holidays,



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