Halloween feast for the artsy soul


– How are you celebrating Halloween this year?
– DIY Halloween dinner!
– Recipes, fun food ideas and more

BOO! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. I love to decorate, I love to dress up and make a costume and I love the holiday traditions.

This year, I decided to start experimenting with fun foodie ideas in the spirit of Halloween. I checked Pinterest for some ideas surrounding the theme (who doesn’t?) and came up with a big feast of my own.

I wanted the dining room table to look nice and festive and filled with food by the time I was done. This is what it looked like to begin with. Ugh, so drab.

“We really need to get in the holiday spirit this year,” kinesiology sophomore Victoria Wolfe said.

The ugly table

I immediately put my cute Trader Joe’s pumpkin plants in a presentable fashion on the table. I removed the sad excuse for a plant that my roommate is attached to for some reason and brought some pretty flowers over from the living room.

The pretty pumpkin plant

The cooking began. I started by taking my pumpkin from Trader Joe’s and carving it with the wrong type of knife. It’s things like that that bug me about having to fend for myself in a college apartment. Who’da thunk I needed a pumkin carving knife? And I’m obviously not spending my precious allowance on such a luxury… Anyways, I cut the stem off the top and dug out all the gooey stuff.

The gooey stuff

I made some yummy soup to put in my empty pumpkin bowl. This yummy soup I speak of has been a favorite for a couple weeks now. All the ingredients are from Trader Joe’s because Trader Joe’s is the best.

I started by heating up a cup of red pepper & tomato soup for two minutes in the microwave. I then put organic brown rice in the microwave for three minutes. Finally, I put grilled chicken in the microwave for two minutes and thirty seconds.

I poured out the rice and chopped up the chicken and tossed it all into the soup. Then I poured the soup into the pumpkin bowl and licked the edges when it overflowed.

I knew I needed to have some sort of grave yard for my Halloween table, so I decided to turn bread toasts into tombstones. I put spring mix lettuce on a cutting board to look like grass and dug the mini wheat baguette tombstones in the grass. I rested the pumpkin soup bowl on the grass and told it to RIP and stop spilling everywhere. It listened.

The soupy graveyard

Next came the barfing pepper. I made him look like a jack-o-lantern and poured hummus in his mouth. “Him” is referring to my pepper, by the way.

I stacked the plate with veggies and made it look pretty because that’s just how I handle things in the kitchen.

I texted my friend a picture of the pepper and she was very impressed.

“It looks like a Martha Stewart halloween in your apartment tonight,” communications freshman Alex Barzilai said.

The barfing jack-o-lantern pepper

I then made a really cute little pizza bug. I took mini frozen pizzas, baked them in the oven at 350 for about 12 minutes and placed them on a plate in the shape of a squirmy bug. I chopped up some red peppers and gave the bugs parts (pizzas) some stripes. I chopped off two mini cucumber heads for antennae and gave it wings with spinach leaves and snap peas.

The pizza bug

For Halloween dessert I crafted some moon pie spooky spiders. I placed a moon pie on a plate, gave it two peanut butter chips for eyes and Hershey chocolate sauce spider legs. Precious and delicious.

The spooky spider

Finally, I put the table together and added bloody drinks, which consisted of cherry juice in goblets.

“This is so fun and creative,” communications sophomore Mika Raz said. “It makes me feel like I’m at home and not in college.”

“Where do you even think of this?” political science sophomore Kevin Loquaci said. “And why wasn’t I invited?”


My friends were absolutely stoked when I called them in to feast away. The pizzas and veggies went the quickest, and then the soup and bread. We ended up dipping the tombstone breads into the soup and it was very tasty. I’m pretty proud of myself and I hope I inspired some of you to take on a wild themed cooking adventure, too. Holidays are the best.

Happy Halloween,